Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today is my fifty-second birthday. Technically, I'm not worth as much as a Corvette the same vintage as me, but it hardly matters.

I awoke to find the four-year-old nestled into the bed with his mother and me, thrashing and kicking like a butterfly trying to escape a chrysalis. The six-month-old was making her snorting noises in the co-sleeper. I'm not sure how my wife sleeps through this mayhem, but I hear her softly snoring in the background. I look across them and think that life could be a lot worse.

It's going to be a sunny day here in North Carolina. After I drop the four-year-old off at school, I'll fill up Smart Wife's diesel Rabbit, then head to Winston-Salem to share a couple cupcakes with my mom. A nice day for driving, although I'm going to have plenty of time behind the wheel this weekend as I head to a solo gig in Knoxville on Friday. That trek will be also occupied with listening to songs I'll be playing on bass at a gig on Saturday.

Halfway through the first pot of coffee, and it's cereal time. The first big decision of the day. I'm up to it. I'm middle-aged achy, stuffed up, cloaked in a bathrobe and slippers, shuffling around the house. Frosted mini-wheats never tasted so sweet.

I'm now older than many of my heroes in music when they died. I hope I outlive 'em all.

The second year into the Second Fifty Years is filled with hope and confidence and, presumably, more coffee.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday baby!

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday! It's one of my co-worker's birthdays today too. I baked him strawberry cupcakes. Hope your moms cupcakes are better than mine!

Jeff Hart said...

Happy Birthday Peter! Have a good weekend gigging.

GroovyDaddy said...

Happy Birthday, Peter!
Hope it was a good day.
Have fun in Knoxville. Say hi to Tim Lee for me if you see him.
And enjoy IPO. We had a blast playing it a few years ago.

john micek

Anonymous said...

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roscoe said...

happy birthday damn it!